Loving your child is easy, parenting is a whole other ballgammmme!

Whether you’re thinking about having children, expecting, or already a parent, it is safe to say that parenting is the most rewarding job, but also the most challenging! Being a parent isn’t easy and many of our challenges stem from how we manage our mental health both as parents and as people with daily tasks and roles. So by now you’re probably asking yourself, “What the heck is the dot parent? How did I land here? Why did my instagram feed bring me to this site? and what does this have to do with what I was originally googling!”.  Well, since you’ve made it this far into our introduction, let’s chat for a second!

I don’t know about you, but being a parent in the 21st Century is getting harder and harder by the day. Between all the Mommy&Me videos, all the How To Tutorials, and let’s not forget about the famous “10 things I wish I knew before having a baby!”.  Parental advice seems to be coming from every direction which in turn has made it more difficult to decide what the best options are.

The reality is that the relationship between you and your child will never be 100% identical to someone else’s parental journey. Yes, there  might be commonalities, but no one has written a handbook personalized just for you. Soooooo…whether you’re thinking about being a parent, expecting or already a parent this all leads back to one thing!

Taking Care Of You

Before you even start thinking about what theme your baby shower is going to be, or what crazy gender reveal is trending on youtube, or perhaps you may be having deeper concerns and questions such as, “Can I financially afford this child? Can I provide a nurturing home, stability and love?”,  Maybe your at the other side of the hill and questioning whether or not you “HAVE” provided those assets sufficiently to your children. Maybe your looking at your pre-teen completely disconnected from you and wondering “What did I do wrong?”

Before you start breaking your head on whether or not you are, have been, or will be a good parent, let me tell you this now… The application for the “job” as a parent is one that no resume or person in the world is 100% ready for. It is an endless application of specific qualifications and job descriptions that not even the president, or leader of the free world would be able to undertake without some guidance. 

No matter who you are, what you do, or what role you may have in a child’s life, in order to impact someone else’s life, be it at infancy or in adulthood, it must be accomplished through the lens of “Self Care”.

Yes, that’s right, before you even think about another person, human, or child, look in the mirror. And if you see a tired, confused, physically drained, hair all over the place, crying, angry, exhausted human being then congratulations! You’ve just met the first human being placed on earth for you to care for… yourself! Your parenting journey has just begun, starting with your inner child.

Welcome to The DOT Parent

We are here to help

Developing Mindful Lives is an organization created to serve in the field of early intervention, early childhood education, personal coaching, and parent education.

The mission of DML is to contribute to the children, parents, and educators’ knowledge, skills, and values for which we have designed specific programs.

Our philosophy is centered in 3 principles dedication, observation, and thoughtfulness, we call this the DOT principles. We strongly believe that when these principles are activated and consistently practiced over time, we can positively transform the quality of relationships between parents and children, educators and children and with ourselves.

We welcome you to join us on the journey of becoming DOT parents, DOT leaders, DOT teachers, and most importantly DOT families!