The DOT Principle

We believe now, more than ever, respecting different perspectives has become essential for creating harmonious lives. As parents, we have the privilege of raising children with the qualities we wish to see in a diverse world.

When thinking about our future generations, it is imperative that children have strong core values, modeled by parents as we honor each child as an individual who brings a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, dreams and challenges.

Every child and parent has the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Through the DOT parent principles we offer knowledge, skills and values that can transform the journey of parenting.

The DOT vision is based on three principles: Dedication, Observation and Transformation.


Parenting brings everyday challenges as well as unique situations that require support and commitment, not only to feel oneself devoted, but to actively commit to our children by making them feel secured, loved, heard, and belonged. This allows children to establish a strong bond and connection that they will carry into their adult lives.

The family unit is the beginning of creating a stable environment, for children to thrive and flourish as they grow.


While we are raising our children, it is important that we understand how to observe intentionally. Children’s temperament, learning styles and overall social emotional development will help us understand how to support their needs. The more intentional we become with our observations, the more we can guide children and help them to create a solid foundation for their identity, autonomy, and self-esteem.


When we add this principle to our goals and actions, we create a higher level of consideration. Children need parents who can validate their needs and feelings, which requires activating our empathy by understanding first before we are being understood. This opens the door to build trust, giving children a sense of security. When we add this principle, we will be able to begin to validate children’s feelings and understand their needs. There is a higher level of consideration for understanding before being understood. This opens the door for the ability to build trust, giving children the sense of security.

When these principles are consistently practiced over time, our parenting skills can be transformed positively impacting the quality of relationship with our children.

Our purpose is to contribute to our society by developing mindful lives and the DOT parents is a pathways to achieve it!

We welcome you to join us on the journey to become DOT parents, DOT leaders, DOT professionals, DOT teachers, DOT partners, DOT friends, and to be a DOT family.

Plan of Action!


  1. Family beliefs & values 
  2. Family unit, creating harmonious lives. 
  3. Parenting styles 
  4. Family learning environments 
  5. Family self-care plan  
  6. Family resilience (The protective Factors) 
  7. Family activities 
  8. Paths to wellness  
  9. Plan of action 
  10. Self-assessment (on-going process) 


  1. Observations RIO (Relevant, Intentional and Objective)
  2. Brain Development
  3. Children’s perspective
  4. How children form identity
  5. The power of healthy relationships between child and parent.
  6. Children’s temperaments
  7. Children’s learning styles
  8. Social emotional competences
  9. The 20/20 vision plan of action
  10. Self-assessment (on-going process)


  1. The core values of a strong parenting
  2. Sense of belonging
  3. Secure attachments
  4. Self-regulation
  5. Establishing positive relationships
  6. Effective ways to encourage and praise your child
  7. Children’s emotional intelligence
  8. Effective discipline: Logical consequences vs punishment
  9. Plan of action
  10. Self-assessment (on-going process)
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