Early Childhood Education Program

Early Childhood Educators are important role models in children’s lives. The DOT Early Childhood Program’s mission is help educators on this journey.

Through our program we offer a variety of trainings that target our 3 principles:


We firmly believe Dedication and commitment are key components to the task of being a strong educator. This includes building strong bonds with children and their families that will lead to a secure attachment, identity formation & a sense of belonging. Relationships matter; children need to feel loved, to be seen and heard, as well as feel connected to thrive in their learning experiences and environment.


Observations are a critical piece of understanding how to support children’s overall development. As educators we need to get to know the children, learn what temperament they have, what kind of learning styles and overall support they need. The more intentional we become with our observations, the better we will be at understanding how to support them in all the developmental areas. Observations are a crucial piece to curriculum planning. Through detail-oriented observations, educators become more effective setting up the right environment, materials, interactions with children and families as well as learning more about themselves in the classroom.


Practicing Thoughtfulness is important in many ways. When educators are thoughtful, the process is not rushed and is attentive to details. It taps into a higher level of consideration planning a curriculum that responds to of children’s needs, and their families culture and beliefs by honoring Best Practices in early childhood education.

When these principles are consistently practiced over time, the facilitation as an early childhood educator can positively impact children’s knowledge, skills and values.

Let’s make a difference!

Contact: Arminta Pootaraksa
Phone: (818) 739-9491