Early Intervention Program

Our mission is to identify and work at an early stage with children that are at risk of having, or already have, a developmental delay. We understand that the time between birth and the age of 36 months is a critical developmental period in a child’s life. Early intervention program can minimize, and in some cases, prevent delays in the development of infants and toddlers. The programs can potentially decrease the need for special education and related services for when a child enters school.

The curriculum framework for the 0-3-year-old child is based on the principle that family is at the core of a young child’s learning and development. Parents, with strong guidance, can develop the skills and knowledge needed to improve their parenting skills in order to provide their children with meaningful learning opportunities.

This commitment includes providing the be the commitment includes providing best practices, by identifying and understanding children’s unique learning styles and temperaments. It is crucial to facilitate enriched environments with plenty of opportunities for exploration to grow and develop at their own pace. We must facilitate and enrich their socio-emotional, cognitive, language, motor, and self-help skills in order to support their needs.

Anticipated Outcomes

Parents will

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of their child’s disability/challenges.
  • Empower their parenting skills
  • Identify their child’s temperament and learning styles.
  • Praise children effectively.
  • Learn the protective factors to strengthen their families.
  • Learn the DOT Parent principles to create harmonious and calmer family climate.

Children will be guided and/or supported to develop:

  • Self-regulation techniques.
  • Independent habits
  • Thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Motor skills
  • Socio-emotional skills

Provided Services

Contact: Arminta Pootaraksa
Phone: (818) 739-9491